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To make this dream a reality, Breno reached out to some of his closest friends, who share similar values and have adventurous spirits, to accompany him on his ride. If you want to see your picture below, join our movement and empower yourself to get out of your comfort zone, and challenge yourself to try something new.

Breno Lobo
Breno LoboThe Nomadik
Born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Breno began travelling at the tender age of 17. After launching a successful advertising company in Brasilia, Breno left the corporate world to pursue happiness, leading him on journeys across 50+ countries. Between hiking the Andes Mountains, restoring a vintage sailboat in Asia, which became his home and office, as well as working as a kite surfing instructor, Breno has done it all. The creator of the world’s first bamboo tricycle, Breno is the mastermind behind the Nomadik team. He can be seen ripping around the soi’s (streets) of Thailand, turning heads and creating smiles on peoples’ faces as they take in his creation.
Mulv Jones
Mulv JonesNomadik Storyteller
A wander from the great state of Colorado, Mulv Jones loves writing, exploring and being active. He quit his desk job in 2012, and has since been travelling the world, hitting each continent, creating content which inspires folks to re-examine the way they live life. While he considers himself a poet, Mulv has worked a copywriter, a blogger, an editor, and also a songwriter. When not riding his bike across Asia, he can be found slack lining in Chiang Mai, snowboarding in Colorado, or getting lost on some adventure that fell into his lap.
Bernard Zylberberg
Bernard ZylberbergNomadik Inner Freedom Warrior
He is currently travelling for 6 months in Asia to explore and be in service, however, and wherever he can. He is a men’s group facilitator and a counselor helping people find their own Inner Freedom. His intention was to let the Universe move him, and to follow the invitations that came his way and see where they led him physically, emotionally and energetically. And along came the invitation to join Nomadik Breno on his 2-month bike tour, and it was the easiest “Yes!” yet.
Are Zeeb
Are ZeebNomadik Photographer
I am an artist, author and musician from Los Angeles who also operates a small animal relief operation in Chiang Mai. I function as a “behind the scenes” photographer, joining along on the journey to capture the sights and scenarios encountered along the way. My goal is always to deliver soulfully artistic and slightly abstract views from behind the lens.


The Nomadik journey started in 2009 when Breno decide to leave his job and pursue true happiness. After running a successful advertising agency for 7 years, Breno sold his share of the company and took on the role of a full-time nomad.

Nomadik Adventure 1: Shortly after retiring his suit and tie and leaving the “office box,” Breno travelled South America, climbing along the Andes Mountain Range for four months, throughout Patagonia, all the way to Polynesia. The solo trip was inspired by seeing places where few had ventured, so everything Breno needed, food, housing, and clothing, all fit in a 30 kg bag.

Nomadik Adventure 2: When the mountains were conquered, Breno returned to his true passion, the sea! Wanting to earn a living in a way that allowed him to be happy and healthy, Breno moved to Caribbean to become a dive instructor. Between trips, Breno was able to volunteer in sea turtle conservation, giving back to the ocean that has given him so much joy. This lifestyle lasted for 3 years before the desire to wander returned.

Nomadik Adventure 3: Through all his travels, Breno garnered a huge community of friends around the world. While most travellers make promises to meet up after their time together on the road, Breno decided to make this a reality. In one year, he visited 27 countries, getting to travel like a local, and see his friends thrive in their own communities.

Nomadik Adventure 4:  When the dust settled following the year of travelling, Breno decided to move to Asia to become a captain of his own ship. With no prior knowledge, just a desire to do, Breno bought a vintage, racing sailboat in Malaysia, which he fully restored and made his office in the Andaman Sea. Breno lived and worked from his sea dwelling for 3 years, enjoying the vastness of his deep blue backyard.


Born in Belo Horizonte, I left Brazil at age 17 and went to the United States. There I graduated in Marketing and Tourism. Upon returning to Brazil, I had my own advertising agency in Brasilia. But could not see myself anymore working inside a “office box” on suit-and-tie daily. So I decided to get to know more places and their respective cultures.

Partner, Street Midia

Advertising and Media Company July, 2004 – 2009

  • Responsible for all creative team
  • Developed short and long term advertising campaigns
  • In charge of all media buying
  • Supervise a 40 person team

Media Buyer, Vivo Telecom (Brazil’s largest cell phone company)

October 2002 – July, 2004

  • Leader of an 12 person marketing team
  • Responsible for buying media in 11 States
  • Interface with all 3 advertising agencies
  • Approval of advertising campaigns
  • Development of new marketing strategies

Marketing Manager, Grupo Martins (Brazil’s largest wholesaler company)

January 2000 – October, 2002

  • Leader of an 8 person marketing team
  • Responsible for implementing a new Supermarket Company in 12 states
  • Interface with 2 advertising agencies
  • Create marketing plan
  • Teach marketing strategies for new partners


Western Michigan University (USA):
Bachelor of Marketing
Bachelor of Tourism
Minors: Spanish and Economics

Diving Certifications

PADI OWDI (Scuba Dive Instructor)

June, 2010

AIDA Free diver Instructor

May, 2015